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Visual Story Teller....

If you have a story to tell, let me show it to the world...

Middle Anatolia born, Hamburg based visual artist, Ebruzen, illustrator and  photographer.


Born in 1977 to an immigrant working class family and growing up with different cultures and religions, I could observe various identities, beliefs and pathways of "others". The abundance of this diversity in my vicinity throughout my life provided me with a wider imagination and inspiration to exhibit how cultures can lead a life in harmony resembling a rainbow.

I have always been a curious story seeker. Every story, no matter how simple or ordinary it may seem, is a different colour from the same palette and they compose the big picture all together. I also believe in words and images which keep hold of the power to change perspectives and attitudes about every single seen or unseen around us.

Those two reasons are why I have always been fond of photography since I perceive it as an opportunity to exhibit real moments of experience. Photography is a cycle of looks from the self to the self. Basically it is an in-and-out-journey to the world around us and in us. Photography is the ultimate look.

Cherish and blossom your "self journey" through my passionate lenses and get to know yourself more intensely. Blossom your frame of life...

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